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Heather McKinlay

Long before I started writing about football, I was captivated by the then-not-so-beautiful game on the black and white TV in our little council house. The 1970 FA Cup Final replay between Chelsea and Leeds turned into one of the dirtiest matches in history. But I fell in love. Blue was the colour for this little girl. Then Dad let me accompany him to The Valley and taught me the error of my football-glory-hunting ways. Gradually it dawned on me that I could watch Charlton Athletic, my local team, every other week. The Addicks in bright red stole my heart.

I started a women’s football team – and league and cup competition – while at university, styling my play on then England captain Bryan Robson. In reality it was all mad enthusiasm and good intentions with mediocre execution. A latter day highlight was playing at The Valley, albeit in black, in Charlton Life‘s charity match in 2007 – one of two females to participate and the only one on the winning team.

I moved away from London in the early 90s but remain a committed supporter. I am currently an elected member of the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust board.

In recent years I have taken up writing about football, from personal memoir to high profile interviews. Much of the content of this website is Charlton-related. I have written for The Blizzard and am also a regular contributor to Nutmeg Magazine, bringing a Scottish flavour into the mix.

And I hate Luton.